10 Best Enemies To Lovers Webtoon Recommendations BooksWide (2023)

10 Best Enemies To Lovers Webtoon Recommendations BooksWide (1)

Don’t you just love romance stories where the couple starts out as enemies who hate each other or are on the opposite sides of a conflict, but slowly, as they spend more time together, they fall in love and get together?

Enemies to Lovers is one of the most loved genres among romance lovers. The main reason I love these types of stories is that it involves RESPECT…

The characters hate each other in the beginning but as they work together or spend time together, they realize that they have more in common than they thought, and soon that respect turns into love.

In this article, I’m going to share with you the 10 Best Romance Enemies to Lovers Manhwa. So, let’s get right to it…

Best Enemies to Lovers Webtoons :-

  • No Love Zone
  • To Love Your Enemy
  • Falling for the Enemy
  • So I Married an Anti-Fan
  • SubZero
  • Goodbye, In-Law!
  • ‘Til Debt Do Us Part
  • Unlucky Mansion
  • Red Candy
  • Semantic Error

10. No Love Zone

10 Best Enemies To Lovers Webtoon Recommendations BooksWide (2)

Eunkyum is a typical office worker who’s been at his company for about a year. Even though he’s new, he already has a great relationship with his colleagues due to his friendly and sociable personality. The only thing he’s not good at is love and that’s because he always falls for the good-for-nothing handsome jerks.

When a newly promoted manager joins his company, he’s thrilled to find out that the guy is totally his type. But soon he starts to hate his new boss because he made his life hell.

9. To Love Your Enemy

10 Best Enemies To Lovers Webtoon Recommendations BooksWide (3)

Yeonhee Bae has lived her entire life telling lies. She’s mastered the art of lying and uses it to pave her way through life. But now, she’s decided to change and make a new start as a college student, one without lies.

On her first day of college, she runs into someone from her past who knows a secret of hers that could ruin her reputation, and thus, her hopes for a new start come crumbling down.

Will the two be able to set aside their differences and see each other for who they are, in this story full of crushes, gossip, and jealousy?

8. Falling for the Enemy

10 Best Enemies To Lovers Webtoon Recommendations BooksWide (4)

Lorellia Vo Deville is the Empire’s only Marchioness and the only female commander of knights. When she lost her parents, she decided to learn swordsmanship to protect herself.

She worked hard to reach her current position but she can’t catch a break due to just one person – Duke Edgar, the commander of the 1st Knights. He’s always meddling in her business.

But, she has no idea that he actually has feelings for her. This is the story of falling in love with an enemy.

7. So I Married an Anti-Fan

10 Best Enemies To Lovers Webtoon Recommendations BooksWide (5)

Geun-young Lee is a struggling reporter for a magazine. She’s having a hard time even paying rent and has to stay with her friend. One night at the club, she takes a picture of actor Joon Hoo dumping a young girl.

Joon Hoo is a world-famous star, known as the male sex symbol, with a clean public image. But the photo Geun-young Lee took can ruin his perfect image, so, he goes as far as forcing her company to fire her. Because of him, she loses her job and apartment.

She makes it her mission to ruin his life at all costs, but as she gets to know him better, she realizes that there’s more to him than what seems. Soon, bringing him down becomes a lot harder for her.

11 Best Manhwa Like Who Made Me a Princess

6. SubZero

10 Best Enemies To Lovers Webtoon Recommendations BooksWide (6)

Clove is the princess of a near-extinct clan. Her whole life, she was forced to make difficult decisions and the one she made now, was the worst of them all.

Her clan had been at war with another nation for three hundred years. In the last attempt at peace, she makes a sacrifice and offers herself in a political marriage to the enemy prince.

What will become of her life which is now in the hands of her enemy?

5. Goodbye, In-Law!

10 Best Enemies To Lovers Webtoon Recommendations BooksWide (7)

Haneul and Dahae never got along. In high school, due to an incident, Dahae thought he was a douchebag and he thought she was a bully.

Years later, her family is about to meet her older sister’s fiancee’s family but there, she meets him again. It turns out he’s the groom’s younger brother and they would be in-laws after the marriage. But, on the way on their honeymoon, the couple gets into an accident and passes away.

That very night, Haneul and Dahae woke up years into the past, when they were still in high school. With only a diary to rely on, they must find a way to change their destiny and save their siblings.

4. ‘Til Debt Do Us Part

10 Best Enemies To Lovers Webtoon Recommendations BooksWide (8)

Subin is infamously stubborn and she has no intentions of getting married anytime soon but her mom keeps pestering her to settle down and even spends most of her income on matchmaking services to set Subin up on dates.

After rejecting a guy her mom set her up with, she runs into Yejun Ji, an old classmate to whom she’s in debt. He asks her to repay her debt by marrying him for a year.

Yejun’s father is forcing him to get married within a month or he can kiss his inheritance goodbye. So, he decides to enter a contract marriage with Subin for a year. The only problem is – they piss each other off.

3. Unlucky Mansion

10 Best Enemies To Lovers Webtoon Recommendations BooksWide (9)

Kang Eon Ju realized that her designed clothes would never go on display, so, she hands in her resignation. Her landlord kicked her out of her room for letting an extra person stay there without permission.

Now, she doesn’t have a job or a place to live and has to crash at her friend’s house. So, when she gets a chance to work at a mansion as a live-in caretaker, she takes it. But the owner of the mansion is a jerk who constantly gets on her nerves. How will her new life as a caretaker play out?

2. Red Candy

10 Best Enemies To Lovers Webtoon Recommendations BooksWide (10)

Code Name “Red Candy” is one of the best secret agents who can complete any dangerous mission, disarm any enemy, and gather any intel necessary. His real name is Shihyeon and his next mission is to extract information from a handsome college professor named Hajun.

So, he tries to seduce Hajun but instead gets seduced by Hajun’s hot body. Now, he must choose between his loyalty to his spy agency and his feelings for Hajun. Will Red Candy go rogue? Will he be able to defeat the enemies coming after him and Hajun? Find out…

11 Best Enemies To Lovers Anime

1. Semantic Error

10 Best Enemies To Lovers Webtoon Recommendations BooksWide (11)

Sangwoo Choo is all about following the rules. He’s part of a group for a project but every other member of the group makes some excuse and he’s forced to do all the work himself. So, he decides to not give credit to his free-riding group mates.

Jaeyoung, a senior about to graduate, was also part of his group and he failed due to Sangwoo not giving him credit, delaying his plans to study abroad. So, he tries to find the guy responsible for it but Sangwoo manages to avoid him.

But soon, he’s forced to work with Jaeyoung on a mobile game that he’s developing, after his original designer leaves and recommends Jaeyoung. Will they be able to work with each other when their personalities are like oil and water?


What genre are enemies to lovers books? ›

There are contemporary romance books, historical romance novels, MM romance books, new adult romance books and young adult romance books as well. These enemies to lovers books also include rock star romances, office romances, fake relationship romances, fantasy romances and second chance romances to name a few.

What is the classic enemies to lovers story? ›

The most cited enemies to lovers trope in a romance novel must surely be Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. It's the classic tale of a couple who dislike each other, are suspicious of each other's motives and actions and who keep fighting the growing attraction as it binds them closer together.

What is the original enemies to lovers? ›

Pride and Prejudice Is The Best

This is the reason why Pride and Prejudice is not only the original enemies to lovers but also the most perfect one. Mr.

Are enemies-to-lovers toxic? ›

For instance, enemies-to-lovers is a well-used and well-loved trope within literature, and it's also one that tends to be divisive due to its nature. Enemies-to-lovers tropes tend to be problematic, toxic relationships with manipulation being one of the key descriptors.

Why is enemies-to-lovers so popular? ›

Smouldering looks, witty banter, will they-won't they, breath-taking chemistry, unexpected moments of connection, and lots of drama – these are the things that make enemies-to-lovers such an appealing genre to read about and watch on screen.

What age is what not to love book appropriate for? ›

14 - 17 Years

Is Girls of paper and fire an LGBT book? ›

Instead, it was a love story that made sense AND was queer — taking two compatible people and pushing them together for the sake of bettering one another. More than a beautiful love story, it is also a story about female agency.

Is from blood and ash spicy? ›

Is From Blood and Ash spicy? When we say a book is spicy, it means that it contains sex scenes. From Blood and Ash has some spice in a handful of scenes towards the end.

Is Lore enemies-to-lovers? ›

This is no enemies to lovers trope, but one built on a lifetime of friendship. Lore and Castor's bond is very clear. As the reader you become fully immersed into their friendship. The way they fight for each other and keep each other safe.

How spicy is book lovers? ›

Way too many *f* words and several sex scenes. James Corwin It's explicit, if that's what you mean. Even if you're ok with open-door romances & language, the sex scenes aren't very sexy & the F-bomb isn't very effective in this story.

What is an anti love story? ›

An anti-romance, sometimes referred to as a satire, is a type of story characterized by having an apathetic or self-doubting anti-hero cast as the protagonist, who fails in the object of his journey or struggle.

Is the love hypothesis spicy? ›

I've seen The Love Hypothesis proclaimed as spicy, which it is, but it's in no way smutty. There's really only one (admittedly extensive) sex scene in this book. But that scene was absolute fire. Again, it's a slow burn of a romance, but the one aforementioned sex scene is about as open-door as it gets.

Is Ash Princess enemies-to-lovers? ›

Theodosia is torn between her childhood friend and first love, Blaise, and a boy whose father has taken everything from her, Søren. It is legitimately friends to lovers and enemies to lovers and my shipper heart was so full of happiness.

Is there a book called enemies-to-lovers? ›

by Jane Austen

Jane Austen's romantic suspense and her wit make this story about mistaken first impressions an utter delight. Despite some truly disastrous encounters early on, the shift from enemies to friends is so rewarding it is hard not to love Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy.

Why do girls love enemies-to-lovers? ›

The enemies-to-lovers fiction trope shows that you are more than your flaws. In addition, it shows that within those flaws is a person someone will find outstanding and fall in love with. That is the reason that having these attributes makes the enemies-to-lovers an enjoyable trope in the romance genre.

Can enemies-to-lovers be healthy? ›

The key difference between a toxic enemies-to-lovers rendition versus a healthy rendition is whether or not the object of affection has agency. A toxic enemies-to-lovers puts the onus on one partner to fix the other, a healthy enemies-to-lovers relationship stems from two people fixing themselves, for themselves.

Is it OK to make enemies? ›

It's okay to have enemies, as long as you didn't make enemies intentionally but rather by just being yourself. It's good for you to make some enemies, in fact, because having enemies teaches you that you can be happy and whole without needing everyone to like you.

How do you start off an enemy to lovers book? ›

Start with why the characters are enemies. Define what makes them butt heads, and you can even show readers on the page. If it's a mercenary hired to find a fugitive, let's see that in action. Then, highlight the reason they come together.

How do you start off an enemy to lovers story? ›

7 Steps on How to Write Enemies to Lovers Story Arcs
  1. Step 1: Show the Reader Why Two Characters Are Enemies. ...
  2. Step 2: Plant the Seeds of Romantic Tension. ...
  3. Step 3: Give the Characters a Shared Goal. ...
  4. Step 4: Show the Characters Building Trust. ...
  5. Step 5: Test the Characters' Loyalty to One Another.
Jan 8, 2023

How to change hate into love? ›

The Step by Step Antidote to Hate and Negativity
  1. Realize what's going on. ...
  2. Don't believe your subjective perception. ...
  3. Resist the temptation of automatic responses. ...
  4. Feel the freedom. ...
  5. Hug it out. ...
  6. Congratulate yourself and your partner! ...
  7. Accepting failure.

Is it ends with us inappropriate for a 12 year old? ›

No. It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover is not appropriate for children or Young Adults. It is only appropriate for Mature Adults aged 17 and over. It contains adult themes, including domestic violence, and explicit romantic content.

Is Love Hard appropriate for 13 year olds? ›

According to Netflix Maturity ratings and classifications, a TV-14 rating means this film might not be appropriate for ages 14 and under. Parents are strongly advised not to let their younger kids watch this film because it contains material that is unsuitable.

What age is gender queer book for? ›

In 2020, Gender Queer was one of ten books to receive an Alex Award from the American Library Association, for "books written for adults that have special appeal to young adults ages 12 through 18".

Is Paper princess appropriate for 13 year olds? ›

Deception. It's like nothing Ella has ever experienced, and if she's going to survive her time in the Royal palace, she'll need to learn to issue her own Royal decrees. Q: Is this really a YA? We recommend this for young adult readers, age 17 and up.

What makes a book LGBT? ›

First, a book must have a main character who identifies as LGBTQ or deals with LGBTQ issues. Second, those issues must be overt and central to the plot.

Is blood and ash appropriate for 13 year olds? ›

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence. Captivating and action-packed, From Blood and Ash is a sexy, addictive, and unexpected fantasy perfect for fans of Sarah J.

Is From Blood and Ash age appropriate? ›

From Blood and Ash Age Rating

However, readers should be aware that this does change as the series continues where a lot more steamy scenes are included. Because of this I would say that this series is for readers 17 and over but it's ultimately up to the reader.

Does From Blood and Ash have inappropriate scenes? ›

From Blood and Ash has sex scenes, but A Court of Thorns and Roses was far more graphic. In total, there are probably two Rated-R scenes and the rest are very PG-13. I skipped over the sex and got on with the story.

What age is Lore for? ›

With its inventive combinations of technology and magic, Bracken's lively take on Greek mythology is an entertaining joyride. Ages 14–up.

Is Lore kid friendly? ›

There is a decent amount of swearing and violence, and a scene where Lore describes being sexually assaulted, but nothing a mature 13 year old couldn't handle.

Is serpent and dove smutty? ›

However, this book does contain an explicit sexual scene! If you've read any of the "A Court of Thorns and Roses" books by Sarah J. Maas, this book is extremely similar in terms of language and sexual content. This book didn't have a lot of violence, but when it did, it was fairly graphic.

Is Book of Love Rated R? ›

In terms of content, Amazon has rated Book of Love at 16+ but it realistically sits at the very high end of a PG-13 rating. Sex occurs off-screen and although erotic fiction is frequently mentioned, there are no explicit quotes in the show.

What is the most liked book series? ›

Having sold more than 500 million copies worldwide, Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling is the best-selling book series in history.

Does the B story have to be a love story? ›

It's a true secondary storyline. Your B Story could be a love story for your main character (though in a straight romantic comedy, this would always be the A story). Very often, in action or disaster films, the B story is the love story, but it can be in any genre.

What is an antagonist love interest? ›

And now to answer your question: if your plot has the love interest character blocking your protagonist from her goal, then the love interest is the antagonist (see Moonstruck).

How do I know if Im anti-romantic? ›

Characteristics of Aromanticism

Some signs that you might be aromantic include: You don't experience feelings of romantic attraction. You feel that you do not need a romantic relationship to feel complete or fulfilled. You don't experience “crushes” or being “in love” with someone else.

Is The Love Hypothesis appropriate for 14 year olds? ›

It is labelled an adult romance and it does feature an explicit sex scene. I would recommend this one for 16/17+. Kathleen Depends on the 13 year old.

Is The Love Hypothesis for 15 year olds? ›

I would say it's not for anyone under 12, but other than that, I'ts fine for anyone who feels mature enough to read it. Wren (Fariywren) Semi-hiatus❥ It's rated as New Adult so its for 18 to 25yo. But I read it and I'm 15.

Is November 9 a spicy book? ›

What's it about? November 9 is a highly-strung romance by our absolute favourite, Colleen Hoover.

Who does Theodosia end up with? ›

At the age of seventeen, Theodosia married Jacques Marcus Prevost, a Swiss native and the brother of Augustine Prévost, who was serving as commander of the British Army forces in New Jersey. They married in Trinity Church in 1763. They had five children: Sally, Anna Louisa, Mary Louisa, Augustine, and John.

Does The Cruel Prince have spice? ›

Is it spicy? The Cruel Prince isn't very spicy compared to other fantasy novels. There is some kissing, but that's mainly it for any “spice.”

Is A Court of Thorns and Roses spicy? ›

A Court of Thorns and Roses - Sarah J.

If handsome fae, medieval politics, and steamy love triangles are what get you going, or if you are just looking for a place to start in this new fantasy subgenre, this is the place. Dramatic, magical, and very sexy, ACOTAR gets a spice rating of 4/5.

What genre are enemies-to-lovers books? ›

There are contemporary romance books, historical romance novels, MM romance books, new adult romance books and young adult romance books as well. These enemies to lovers books also include rock star romances, office romances, fake relationship romances, fantasy romances and second chance romances to name a few.

What are unique enemies? ›

Unique Enemies are enemies that are "unique" in the game in that there are only one of them. These enemies can be recognized by their unique nameplate as well as their unique names. Unique Enemies are more challenging than common enemies but they also drop a gold chest and affinity coins.

Who is a friendly enemy? ›

"Frenemy" (also spelled "frienemy") is an oxymoron and a portmanteau of "friend" and "enemy" that refers to "a person with whom one is friendly, despite a fundamental dislike or rivalry" or "a person who combines the characteristics of a friend and an enemy".

What is the best lovers enemy movie? ›

Enemies-to-lovers Movies
  • Frozen (I) (2013) PG | 102 min | Animation, Adventure, Comedy. ...
  • We're the Millers (2013) R | 110 min | Comedy, Crime. ...
  • Now You See Me (I) (2013) PG-13 | 115 min | Crime, Mystery, Thriller. ...
  • Silver Linings Playbook (2012) ...
  • One for the Money (2012) ...
  • Crazy, Stupid, Love. ( ...
  • In Time (2011) ...
  • Beastly (2011)

What are toxic lovers? ›

Remember that a toxic relationship is one where love is prioritized over everything else, including respect, trust, and affection for each other. It's more than just a “rough patch”—it's a recurring, long-term pattern of bad behavior on one or both sides.

What is our greatest enemy? ›

Love yourself, care for yourself, enrich yourself. Speak your greatest words and live from your greatest self within. You have the power to choose love and happiness and become your own true friend.

Can two enemies become friends? ›

Long-standing rivalries end not through isolation and containment, but through negotiation and mutual accommodation. Under the appropriate circumstances and through skillful diplomacy, enemies can become friends.

What is a person with no friends called? ›

A person with no friends is often called a loner. Some other terms that are used to describe a person that is lonely or isolated include recluse and hermit.

What is a person who has no enemy called? ›

ajaatashatru (a person who has no enemy) अजातशत्रु (ए पर्सन AJAATASHATRU (A PERSON WHO HAS NO ENEMY) = अजातशत्रु [pr. {ajatashatru} ](Noun) उदाहरण : अजातशत्रु +28.

What do you call a friend turned enemy? ›

But friendships, just like romantic relationships, can be toxic, harmful, or just annoying. And sometimes they need to end. What we're talking about here is the “frenemy,” a portmanteau of “friend” and “enemy.” But how do you know if you have one?

What is the best love scene of all time? ›

18 of the most romantic movie moments of all time to get you in the mood for Valentine's Day
  • Crazy Rich Asians - The Plane Proposal. ...
  • Call Me by Your Name – The First Kiss. ...
  • Titanic – "Open your eyes" ...
  • You've Got Mail – "Don't cry" ...
  • Sense and Sensibility - "He's kneeling down!"
Feb 13, 2020

Is there a movie called When a Man Loves a Woman? ›

When a Man Loves a Woman is a 1994 American romantic drama film directed by Luis Mandoki and written by Al Franken and Ronald Bass. The film stars Andy García, Meg Ryan, Tina Majorino, Mae Whitman, Ellen Burstyn, Lauren Tom and Philip Seymour Hoffman.


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