Paint Code by VIN - Where and How to Find It Yourself (Guide) (2023)

Paint Code by VIN - Where and How to Find It Yourself (Guide) (1)

A paint code refers to a unique code of three to six characters. The system contains a mixture of numbers and letters. Finding the exact color for your vehicle is essential. It guarantees your color accuracy.

When fixing minor scratches on your vehicle, you need to know the specific color. You can use a vehicle identification number to find your car color code.

What is a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)?

Paint Code by VIN - Where and How to Find It Yourself (Guide) (2)

A VIN is a unique code assigned to every car after manufacturing. It has 17 characters consisting of numbers and letters. However, VIN characters don’t have any intervening spaces.

Also, there are no letters such as Q (q), O (o), and I (i) in VINs. This omission helps in avoiding confusion with numbers such as 0 and 1. As a result, it is easier to read the Vehicle Identification Number.

Every section of this number gives you a specific piece of information about the car. The report includes the country, factory, and year of manufacture. Also, it consists of the vehicle make and model and the serial number as well. This printing of this number is always done in a single line.

How to use Vehicle Identification Number to get your car’s paint code

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If you want to repaint your vehicle, you need the vehicle paint code. It is essential in helping you match your vehicle’s color. However, using the VIN to get the right paint code is an excellent way.

Where is the VIN located?

Most passenger cars have the VIN on the dashboard. It is usually positioned on the driver’s side. If you want to see it better, look at it through the windshield. You should be standing outside the car.

Some manufacturers, however, position this number on the door pillar, at the driver’s side. In such vehicles, you need to open the door to see it. Once you open the door, look at the area where the car door latches.

Also, some cars have their VIN under the hood. It is usually placed in front of the engine block. Besides, older vehicles have this number at the front end of the frame. This frame is on the driver’s side, near the door.

Most motorcycles have their Vehicle Identification Numbers below the handlebars. You should see the number on the steering neck. But, other motorcycle manufacturers place it on the frame near the motor. Also, you might find it on the engine.

However, on semitrailers, you can find the VIN on the front part, the left side.

If you don’t find this number on the vehicle, search it in the vehicle documents. It is always written on the vehicle title. Some individuals refer to this document as the Certificate of Title. This title is a legal document that establishes vehicle ownership.

You can also use the Certificate of Vehicle Registration document to find the VIN. It is a document provided by the Department of Motor Vehicle in every state. The report establishes a link between the vehicle and the owner.

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Also, liability insurance documents contain this information. These are the automobile insurance papers. Besides, the car repair records have this information as well.

But, the Vehicle Identification Number is only found in cars manufactured before 1981. The VIN for vehicles manufactured before 1981 contains 11 characters. However, in such a case, you may not be able to the paint code through VIN.

Decoding the Vehicle Identification Number

This number contains a lot of information about the vehicle. The first number represents the country of manufacture. Likewise, the second letter represents the vehicle’s manufacturer. The third letter indicates the vehicle division or type.

The next five letters represent the vehicle’s brand, engine size, and type. Also, it indicates the body style, model, and series. The security check digit follows, then a letter representing the model year.

After, the assembly plant letter follows. The rest of the letters and numbers represent the vehicle’s production number. It is also referred to as a car’s serial number.

Checking the Paint code using the Vehicle Identification Number

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Apart from using the Car Information Sticker, you can use VIN to get the paint code. However, the VIN can’t give you the paint code directly. But, it can help you obtain the code from other platforms.

Due to technological advancement, you can use online resources to get the paint code. The resources can help you know various pieces of information about the vehicle.

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Using the car’s VIN, you can search for specific data about your vehicle. The vehicle’s color code is one piece of information you can obtain.

Alternatively, you can locate your car seller, and obtain the paint code. You can find the car dealership through the internet or checking in a phone directory. In the current market, most car dealerships have websites. Thus, it is easy to contact them.

Once you contact the dealership, request them to provide them with the paint code. The dealerships have a record of this information in their service department.

But, you must provide the dealership with the Vehicle Identification Number. This data enables them to check-up for your vehicle from their records. As a result, it might take a few minutes. However, once they get your car’s data, they can give you the information needed. Also, you can ask for more details about your vehicle.

The importance of a Vehicle Identification number

The VIN is vital for everyone who owns a car. It contains a lot of record details for your vehicle details. Many data registries use the VIN to keep your vehicle’s history record.

When buying a used car, the VIN can assist you in knowing the car’s history. Doing a VIN lookup is enough for you to get all the vehicle’s records. As a result, you will adequate information concerning the car.

Therefore, VIN can assist you in making an informed decision. The Vehicle Identification Number will enable you to know all the previous car owners. Also, you will know if the vehicle is in its original color.

Also, you will know if the car has ever had an accident. A vehicle that has had a severe accident might have mechanical issues. If it doesn’t have any, it might develop soon.

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Another significance of VIN is helping you know the repair records of the car. Proper car maintenance is essential for its durability. So, before buying a used car, you will its maintenance history.

Also, it enables you known if there has been a vehicle recall by the manufacturer. If so, you can check if the necessary repairs took place. Therefore, the Vehicle Identification Number is crucial in feeding the correct information.

Lastly, VIN also acts as a security measure. Law enforcement agencies conduct a VIN check. As a result, they can identify stolen vehicles. So, the VIN protects you from buying a stolen car. Also, it assists in recovering your stolen vehicle as well.


Knowing the right paint code for your vehicle is essential. However, using the Vehicle Identification Number is the best way to obtain the color code. This method is easy and accurate. It is more informative, as well.

The most important thing is finding your car’s VIN. But, it is not a complicated task since you can find it in specific places.

In most vehicles, it is either written under the hood or on the driver’s interior dash. The most common place for most cars is on the driver’s side door pillar. But, the old models have it on the front end frame, near the driver’s door.

Besides, you can also obtain the VIN from the vehicle’s documents. The vehicle’s Certificate of registration, title, insurance, and repair records have this number. Therefore, it is not hard for you to locate it.

Once you have the number, you can get any information you need about the vehicle. You can either use the online sources or contact the manufacturer for any data. As a result, VIN gives you the most accurate and reliable information.

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Can I find my paint code with my VIN number? ›

No, your VIN number doesn't contain your car's paint code. Instead, this is a unique vehicle identifier assigned by the manufacturer which can be used to check a car's details. Learn more about your car's VIN, and how to read it, in our comprehensive guide.

How to determine color from VIN number? ›

Because your VIN acts as your car's fingerprint, you can use it to search for your car's paint code through other platforms. You can call your dealer, give them your VIN, and ask for the paint code. Another option is searching for paint codes online using your VIN.

How do I find my auto paint color code? ›

For most cases, your paint code can be found inside the driver's door jam. Two types of paint codes are listed — one is for the exterior paint, the other is for the cabin or interior color.

How can I match my car paint without the code? ›

Matching car paint without code
  1. Check owners manual. Similar to checking the service history, checking your owners manual may also direct you to the vehicles paint code.
  2. Research your vehicle's exact model on Google. ...
  3. Spectrophotometer machines. ...
  4. Related Pages.
Jan 21, 2020

How do I find the paint code on my VIN GM? ›

Need to call Chevrolet? Their number is 800.222. 1020 Provide your VIN to get your paint code.

How do you read paint color codes? ›

The first two letters/numbers refer to red, the next two refer to green, and the last two refer to blue. The color values are defined in values between 00 and FF (instead of from 0 to 255 in RGB). Numbers are used when the value is 1-9. Letters are used when the value is higher than 9.

How do you match car paint? ›

The best way to match a car's paint code is by tracking down the color code which is specified somewhere on your physical vehicle (see below). If you cannot locate the paint code you can opt to look up your vehicle's paint code using the make, model, year and color on an online paint code finder.

What does your VIN number tell you? ›

A VIN is composed of 17 characters (digits and capital letters) that act as a unique identifier for the vehicle. A VIN displays the car's unique features, specifications and manufacturer. The VIN can be used to track recalls, registrations, warranty claims, thefts and insurance coverage.

How do you touch up car paint? ›

Steps to Effective Touch-Up Paint Application
  1. Clean the Surface of the Car.
  2. Identify the Damage.
  3. Sand the Damaged Area.
  4. Clean with Paint Thinner.
  5. Apply the Touch-Up Paint.
  6. Ensure the Surface Is Smooth.
  7. Apply the Clear Coat.
  8. Let the Touch-Up Paint Cure.
Apr 22, 2019

What are paint color codes? ›

Paint codes are used as a way to certify the color of your vehicle. Vehicles with differing color descriptions may still have the same color code, so keeping track is easier. When searching for the color of your car online, you may also see it referred to as a color code.

What color is 1F7? ›

ERA Paints (1F7 - Classic Silver Metallic Compatible/Replacement for TOYOTA Exact Match Touch Up Spray Paint & Clearcoat - Pick Your Color.

What color is paint code u8624? ›

Chevy Silverado 8624 Olympic White Professional Touch Up Paint Kit.

Where can I get color match paint from my VIN number? ›

If that's the case, you can simply call up your car dealership and read them the VIN, and they'll look up the paint color code for you. You can also look up the paint color code with your VIN, year, make, and model using an online database. Try sites like Paint Scratch, Auto Color Library, and HD Paint Code.

Is there a universal paint code? ›

It is the list of ingredients and proportions used to make the color. Formulas are not universal because they depend on the specific ingredients, and every paint company has different ingredients. Formulas are typically not transferable.

How do panel beaters match paint? ›

Car body repairers work closely with car manufacturers and are provided with paint samples for each model in each colour. Car body repairers then have multiple variations for each shade. In this way a professional repairer can accurately match the colour of your vehicle no matter how old or weather-affected.

What is GM paint code 8555? ›

GM: Black - Paint Code WA8555.

What color is GM paint code U8555? ›

Item Information


What are standard color codes? ›

Standard Resistor Values and Color
ColorDigitTolerance (%)
9 more rows

What color do I start with in paint by number? ›

Do you Paint light or dark colors first? Start with the lightest color. I found that the paints came numbered and grouped in colors. 1 to 10 were the yellows to darkest orange, then 11 to 20 were the greens lightest to darkest, the pinks were 21 to 25 and the last numbers were dark grey to black.

What is the hardest color to match on a car? ›

Black and red are—by far—the hardest colors to care for.

How do body shops match car paint? ›

To ensure that your car's new paint achieves a perfect match, your technicians may use a device called a spectrophotometer. The spectrophotometer measures the light waves that bounce off of your car's exterior. By measuring these waves, the spectrophotometer can tell the technician the exact color of the paint.

How do you match paint yourself? ›

Take a picture of your wall in natural light and bring it to the paint store. The same spectrophotometer that works on the paint chip can also match the paint from the picture, or get close. This works best if you're painting an entire wall, not just a patch, Wigington says.

What does the 8th letter in a VIN number mean? ›

8thEngine size

The eighth digit shows the car's engine size and is usually represented by a letter. This is really helpful if you're buying spare parts for your car, as is it ensures that you can find a spare that's the exact match for the engine type.

What does the 7th digit in a VIN number mean? ›

Since the VIN Standard has been in use for over 30 years one should consider the 7th digit to determine the vehicles model year. If the 7th digit is numeric the model year is between 1981 and 2009. If it is an alpha character it is MY2010 or later.

How do you decode a 10 digit VIN? ›

As noted, the vehicle's year is identified by a letter or number in the 10th position from the left in the VIN. As shown above, the 10th character of the VIN indicates its model year.

Does Turtle Wax rubbing compound remove scratches? ›

Turtle Wax Rubbing Compound can be used to remove scratches, blemishes, swirl marks and other surface imperfections. Intended to clean dull and badly weathered vehicle finishes.

Do touch up paint pens work? ›

Touch-up paint pens make the damage look worse 95% of the time. They are unnecessarily hard to use and the results are far from acceptable. Touch-up paint pens are pretty much just for the dealerships and car manufacturers to sell as an additional source of income.

Can I spray paint a car to touch it up? ›

Using a paint spray can to apply touch up spray paint to your car and make it look professional is quite simple. You just need to follow the instructions laid down here and remember practice makes perfect! Practice off the vehicle first.

What app can identify paint color? ›

Introducing Project Color ™ by The Home Depot – an app that allows you to find the perfect paint color for your interior or exterior paint project. Browse colors right from your phone. Once you've found a color, see how it looks in a living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or exterior space.

What does EE mean in paint? ›

How does it occur? The addition of a small amount of yellow (DD), ochre (EE) or bright red (LL) tinter to a white base will actually reduce the refractive index and therefore adversely affect the opacity.

Can Home Depot mix paint by hex code? ›

Yes. Home Depot can color match paint using Hex color codes, RGB color codes, and CMYK color codes.

What color is NH700M? ›

Honda & Acura-Alabaster Silver Metallic (Code NH700M)

What color is NH737M? ›

Compatible with Honda Element NH737M Polished Gray Metal Metallic Professional Touch Up Paint.

What color is 040? ›

TOYOTA Touch up Paint 040 Super White Genuine Scion/Lexus.

What colour is 00E55? ›

BS4800 White (00E55) Paint | Advanced Paints.

What color is NH578? ›

44 fl oz, Paint Code: NH578)

What color is paint code NH797M? ›

Honda NH797M, Modern Steel Metallic.

How do you match paint colors? ›

To match a paint color, Mauro recommends cutting a small section of the paint away to create a chip to then bringing to a home center or paint store to be color matched. Utility knives can be found at home centers and almost every home center is capable of color matching a paint sample.

Does Napa mix car paint? ›

NAPA/CMAX stores offer state-of-the-art paint products, equipment and supplies for body repair. NAPA/CMAX also employs a complete paint-mixing system, aerosol paint technology and colour-matching expertise.

How many paint codes are there? ›

How many coats of paint do I need? Generally, you will want a minimum of two coats of paint – this is a good rule of thumb for any wall or ceiling you're painting. You'll rarely get a seamless finish from just one coat of paint, and even if you do, coverage isn't the only goal when it comes to painting a room.

What is paint code GBA? ›


What does RGB stand for in paint? ›

The name RGB is derived from the way that red, green and blue light are added together to create a large spectrum of color. A light source within a device creates any color you need by mixing red, green and blue and varying their intensity.

How can I match paint without a chip? ›

Even without using a color app, go ahead and take a picture with your phone (again, while the object or room is illuminated with natural light) and take that photo to your favorite paint store. They'll be able to match the color very closely with their in-store spectrophotometer.

Can paint be matched exactly? ›

Spectrophotometers are only accurate 90% of the time to match colors. One tool for matching paint colors is a spectrophotometer, available at many paint stores. This tool is likely your best bet, but even so is only 90% accurate with training and experience. It can take several iterations to get the color right.

How do professionals match paint? ›

At a paint store, staff will use a spectrophotometer to analyze the chip and match it to their brand's closest color. They may not be able to match a trademarked color, so if you can use the same brand as the original paint you will get the best match.

What is the paint code by VIN Nissan? ›

Nissan paint codes are often found on the bottom of the VIN sticker under the headline “COLOR.” You won't find the color description Radiant Silver Metallic. Instead, it will just be the code K12.

Does a Ford VIN tell you the color? ›

VIN tags contain a lot of information and numerous abbreviated headings. The paint code will be located underneath the barcode and may be prefixed by “EXT PNT,” which stands for exterior paint.

How do I find my Ford paint code by VIN? ›

Call the Ford company to ask about your color code.

As long as you provide the VIN, someone at Ford should be able to let you know your color code. You can call the Ford company at 1-800-392-3673. Make sure to call sometime between Monday and Friday, as the company is closed on weekends.

How do you read a Honda paint code? ›

Locating the Honda color code on the manufacturer's tag can take slightly longer than other manufacturers because it generally doesn't have any prefixes or headings to identify it. However, it is usually located directly underneath the middle of the barcode.

What are the Honda colors? ›

Honda Model Colors
  • Basque Red Pearl.
  • Obsidian Blue Pearl.
  • Crystal Black Pearl.
  • Modern Steel Metallic.
  • Lunar Silver Metallic.
  • Platinum White Pearl.

What color is NH877P? ›


How do I decode a Nissan VIN number? ›

How To Decode A Nissan VIN
  1. Characters 1-3: This segment is called the World Manufacturer Identifier (WMI). ...
  2. Characters 4-8: This segment is called the Vehicle Descriptor Section (VDS). ...
  3. Check digit: The 9th character is the check digit. ...
  4. Characters 10-17: This segment is called the Vehicle Identifier Section (VIS).

Where can I find Nissan paint code? ›

Find Your Nissan's Paint Code:

Here's where you'll find it: Stickers can be found on the radiator support 1, the firewall 2, driver's door hinge 3, or the door jamb/pillar 4.

What color is K23? ›

Touch Up Paint - Brilliant Silver (K23).

What is Ford paint code UA? ›


What color is Ford paint code RC? ›

Ford Medium Platinum Metallic RC/M6454 Touch Up Paint.

What is Ford paint code Z1? ›

YZ and Z1 paint codes are different shades of Oxford White. Ford Motor Company lists both Ford paint codes YZ and Z1 as Oxford White, however, the Z1 paint code is a much whiter color then the YZ which is creamier white.

What is Ford paint code WB? ›

If you see WB on the plate, this is the wheelbase measurement on Ford vehicles. You are looking in the right place though, just above Wheel Base is 'EXT PNT'. Look to the right of EXT PNT to find your code, which you can order on our site.

What is Ford paint code AA? ›


What is I check digit in Ford VIN? ›

Number 9 is the check digit, which is used to detect invalid VINs. The number that appears varies and is based on a mathematical formula that the U.S. Department of Transportation developed.


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